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West wickham

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Anon120 Sat 06-Apr-19 16:27:14

Hi all,

We’re currently looking st places to move to outside of central London with good commutes to London Bridge ideally. We’ve found a house we absolutely love in West Wickham but are worried about transport links. I know there’s the one train line but have been told trains coming from central London back out at night to WW are dodgy. We were told that very often the service tends to be severely delayed/ cancelled after about 9:30pm which would be a big problem for us as we are very sociable. I know we could get trains to surrounding areas and get an Uber back which I wouldn’t mind doing every now and then but to have to do it on a daily basis would be too much for me.

Does anyone have any experience of transport in and out of West Wickham? Would love some advice.

Thank you! X

reluctantbrit Tue 21-May-19 19:31:50

It may be a bit late but I never had issues coming back to WW. Saying that as I don’t like walking in the dark on my own (we live around 15-20 minutes from the station) I prefer taking a train to Bromley South (from Victoria or Blackfriars) and then a bus/cab but that may be just once a months.

When I am with DH and DD on some occasions we walk from WW.

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