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Best secondary schools in MK?

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Nelumbo Sat 06-Apr-19 15:21:41

What are the best secondary schools in MK, looking at houses to rent and need to know the right sort of areas to be looking at to get within the catchment for the better schools.

I also would be interested to know what sort of options are around education wise for 16-18yrs olds in the area


RedSkyLastNight Wed 12-Jun-19 14:03:52

How old are your DC? If they are already secondary school age, then catchment doesn't really come into it, you will be at the mercy of whatever schools have places.

All schools in MK have sixth forms, so the options at post 16 are to stay in your current school or move to a new one. Or there is Milton Keynes college which offers vocational qualification/training.

Nelumbo Fri 21-Jun-19 19:09:26

Thanks @RedSkyLastNight sorry only just seen this.
Yes my DD is in year 7 so going up to year 8 in September. I know that i will only be given the school that has the place.and not necessarily get what she wants but I was hoping the closer we were the more chance?

RedSkyLastNight Mon 24-Jun-19 12:22:28

Being closer will help if you are a on a waiting list, but not if you are moving to an area and want a school place (where you will only be offered existing places). Of course you can always appeal.
Or equally, you could move close the school you want, and home educate your DC until a place comes up (which might be never).

In terms of secondary schools, generally the best regarded are (these ebb and flow): Shenley Brook End, Denbigh, Ousedale (2 campuses), Hazeley, Walton High (2 campuses), Oakgrove.

Kents Hill Park is new (it only has a year 7) so too early to say.

Several of the other schools e.g Stantonbury are a bit "marmite". But I have colleagues with DC at some of the less well regarded schools and they are very happy there. You really need to go and visit. Can you ask the LEA which schools have places in current Year 7? That might at least give you some idea where to start.

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