Bury St Edmunds- a flying visit!

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smallgreyelephant Sat 06-Apr-19 19:54:02

Hello EssaysofElia, It was really lovely!

I'll be back with the kids in the Easter break. We did get coffee at Guat's Up and it was star star star star star
We walked down to the Abbey Gardens and walked around to the cathedral. The portcullis gate and the Norman walls were beautiful. It was just a really lovley place to wander. And I did put a brick in the build the cathedral project.
It really was a flying visit but I am defo bringing the kids back.

Thanks everyone for the recs!

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EssaysOfElia Sat 06-Apr-19 19:25:22

What did you think of BSE OP? Hope you had a lovely time.

smallgreyelephant Sat 06-Apr-19 07:59:00

Thanks Charlotte, I'm really looking forward to it.

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smallgreyelephant Sat 06-Apr-19 07:58:14

Brill, I'll go for Waitrose and walk through town. Many thanks Cansu!
(disclaimer: promise to buy veg there if I park at Waitrose :-) )

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CharlottesInterWeb Sat 06-Apr-19 07:58:12

Or there is cheap parking at Ram Meadow, which is very close to Abbey Gardens.
Enjoy your time in Bury St Edmunds OP - it's lovely. One of my favourite towns smile

cansu Sat 06-Apr-19 07:54:49

There is plenty of parking in town. There is parking on angel hill just in front of Abbey gardens but this gets busy quickly. Alternatively park in St Andrews or in Waitrose and walk through town to cathedral.

smallgreyelephant Sat 06-Apr-19 07:51:29

Thank you EssaysOfElia,
That sounds a bit like my perfect afternoon! And it's not predicted to rain.
Is there a good place to park nearby?
Much appreciated

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EssaysOfElia Sat 06-Apr-19 07:12:27

Guats up in Guildhall street do a lovely coffee.
If the weather is nice get a takeaway coffee and have a wander around the abbey gardens. It’s beautiful and you can sit and people watch for ages.

The cathedral (next to the abbey gardens) is great and at the moment they are building a Lego replica of the cathedral which is fascinating to see!

Enjoy, Bury St Edmunds is a beautiful place!

smallgreyelephant Sat 06-Apr-19 06:35:19

Hello, I have 90 minutes to enjoy Bury St Edmunds while the kids are at a party this afternoon.

What should I do?

And where can I get a super-good coffee?


(also posted in travel section) :-)

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