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which is the best beach?

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casbie Thu 12-Jul-07 16:18:42

mine is swanpool, cafe, water and mostly clean sand.

whish beach is your best kept secret?

Pastylover Mon 17-Sep-07 14:26:44

I like them all for different reasons

Swanpool - coz of the rocks, which LO loves climbing

Gylly - coz even when its busy you can still find a spot, and its proper sand!

Castle - coz the water is really nearby and LO can throw stones in with me accompaning her

Maenporth - never go there coz you have to pay to p[ark, although its only about a 20min walk from our house but wih all the stuff we need to take its a no no!

A big factor for me is having toilets on the neach, coz you can guarantee DD will always need the toilet right when you least expect it

casbie Fri 21-Sep-07 08:52:13

i know you have to pay at maenporth, but the car park is so close to the beach - you can always go back for a second trip to pick stuff up!

on the north coast i like Lusty Glaze, beautiful sand and cafe on the beach, but you have to go down fouty-million death defying steps, so not so great with little ones.

Pastylover Sat 22-Sep-07 01:43:39

Well we don't pay to park anywhere unless we really have to, guess having only one child helps as I haven't got to carry as much stuff

pinkdolly Tue 25-Sep-07 17:58:35

gwithian sands- It's massive and has tons of rock pools, great for the kids. We have caught crabs, shrimps and fish from them. Lots of nice clean sands.

Icantdothis Sun 07-Oct-07 22:14:44

Check out Baby Information Bank - it's got all the local kid friendly beaches on it. grin

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