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EsmeeMerlin Tue 02-Apr-19 19:22:52

Within Havering there are free ‘Being a Parent’ courses available aimed for those with children aged 2-5 although those with older children are also welcome. The course runs for 8 weeks and there is a crèche available for those needing childcare. At the end of the course you gain a AQA accredited certificate.

What is the EPEC being a parent course?
The course aims to improve child development and outcomes, parenting, family resilience and family relationships. It looks at:
•positive behaviour management and discipline strategies.
•managing parent and family stress.
•understanding and managing children’s feelings.
• parent listening, communication, play and interaction skills.
•attachment and parent-child relationships.
•parenting roles, expectations and culture.

It is peer led and ran by accredited parent volunteers who have completed training and have ongoing support and supervision.

For more information, course dates, venues and information to book:

Or email danielle.cumming@havering.gov.uk

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