Cramond primary or Blackhall Primary Edinburgh

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Meet5 Sun 31-Mar-19 20:10:32

Hello Mums, I am looking for a very honest openion. We live in EH16 post code in Edinburgh at the moment and looking for a place to buy in EH4 soon. Could you please really help me which school is better between cramond and Blackhall ? So confused between both the choices all looks same at some points but any details like how are they academically etc or any experiences will really help to choose the right school for my lil one. I am aware that there are school guides and other reports which have all the school info but I am looking for Personal experience . Thanks in advance .

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BiscuitDrama Sun 26-May-19 12:35:57

Is there a reason you aren’t considering Davidson’s mains primary?

I don’t know much about cramond, but Blackhall and DM both have a really good reputation.

Meet5 Sat 01-Jun-19 08:44:55

Thanks for the reply. Well now the situation I bit changed. We are in the catchment of Dmains and we also got a place in Blackhall primary. Two schools in our hand and need to make decision really quick.. m not worried about pick and drop far or near .. it’s just I want a good school with good staff for my lo.. so confused.

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BiscuitDrama Sat 01-Jun-19 16:11:44

We looked round both, two years ago and loved them both.
We have one set of friends who have moved from DM to Blackhall school and one doing the opposite, both for practical reasons so it seems other people consider them comparable.

So have you got a place at DM too? Have you looked round both?

Meet5 Sat 01-Jun-19 17:02:30

Thanks again For info. Yes we got a place in both and I need to cancel one asap. I haven’t been to Dmains yet but we have parents orientation in Blackhall this week so will get an idea from there. It really matters how the staff is and how disciplined is the school. Hope we make the right decision for our lil one.

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BiscuitDrama Sat 01-Jun-19 17:19:53

I think both are similar sort of ethos, kind and relaxed. I don’t think there’s much between them. Blackhall has a slightly better reputation, but also has a new head (who so far seems brilliant, but who knows).
I’d probably go for the nearest, as it’ll be good for friends/clubs etc.

Anything really specific you’d like to know?

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