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Moving to IOW areas and school advice please

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Benjt Sun 24-Mar-19 09:26:16

We’re planning to move to the Isle of Wight in the summer holidays as my partner works in Ryde. We are considering moving to Ryde itself but have seen a house that we like in Shanklin so that is our top choice at the moment. Can anybody tell me if there are any areas to avoid in Shanklin? It seemed like a really nice street but we’re unsure as the houses there seem to be quite cheap compared to Ryde.
My main concern is schools, my eldest son is due to start secondary school in September, we currently live in a town with 3 above average secondary schools and he’s been offered his top choice. Aside from the fact most of the schools in the Isle of Wight seem to have below average ratings I have been told only 2 of the schools (Christ the King & Medina) have spaces this year. My son is very shy and doesn’t make friends easily and as we are not considering moving to Newport I worry about him having to get a bus to a school that is miles away and not having any friends close by. Does anybody have any experience of these schools or the school in Sandown assuming we may be able to get him in there? Are they really that bad? I also have 2 younger children and haven’t really looked at primary schools yet as I am most concerned about finding the right school for my eldest and we may have to reconsider which area we move to based on what is best for him but if anybody has any recommendations on primary schools I would be interested in that too.
Many thanks

sleepismysuperpower1 Sun 24-Mar-19 15:29:31

Ventnor is a nice place to live and the school located there (The Island Free School) is rated good and outstanding in some areas by Ofsted. Niton primary is also rated good by ofted.

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