The Study or Prospect House

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NewinSW19 Thu 21-Mar-19 07:11:05


My daughter has a place at both schools and I like them both - I love that PHS is coed but it is a drive away whereas we can walk to the Study and it will be a much nicer school run. To complicate things I have a baby son and he might end up going to PHS, but equally he might end up going to Rowans/Squirrels and try for the 7 plus entrance at Kings. Any advice would be so helpful! I am not used to the idea of single sex schools and am afraid my daughter will suddenly be very girly and not have any male friends, but hopefully that is not how it works.

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NewinSW19 Thu 21-Mar-19 07:12:18

An added point - we live in Wimbledon and it would be great if the kids mostly have friends locally as it is just easier

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