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Secondary schools and childcare in Dorchester or around

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Ipereni Thu 14-Mar-19 04:47:08

I was offert a really good job in Dorchester and considering its
I’d have to relocate the family and have a 13y old son ( currently in one of the top independent schools in Bristol) and a 10 month old daughter, but about one and 5 months by the time we would move
Son loves his school, he is very academic and loves rugby and German.
How is the Thomas Hardyee school in Dorchester ( looked great on website and facilities) ? How about flexibility in chilminders( my job starts 8 am and can run to about 6 pm)
Would it be better looking over on Poole side? I know they have a grammar school but due to y9 entry would be a waiting list gamble
It would be a big move for us and need to make sure I get it right for all involved
Thank you

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