Tumble tots too expensive!

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ClarriexJude Sat 02-Mar-19 09:01:31

Hi all smile

Does anyone know of any classes for a 2 year old that focus on climbing/agility?

We trialed tumble tots last week and my son enjoyed it but I can't justify the £7.80 a class and £24 membership fee they are asking for shock

I know Playgrounds are free but it's March and gross and grizzly out there, I can only take so much of the park in this weather!!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated blush

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Imfinehowareyou Sat 02-Mar-19 09:11:41

Can you get membership to your local softplay? I did Tumble Tots with DC1 and at the time felt it was amazing and really crucial. I wasn't able to do it with DC2 but they were able to climb, jump, roll etc with no teaching input at all.
It was the same with swimming. DC1 had Water babies from 5 months. DC2 had no swimming lessons but was at the exact same ability stage as DC1 when they began at age 5.
Your child just needs the chance to be physical and I found soft play was fine for this (especially if you can go in the daytime when it's usually more peaceful).

ClarriexJude Sat 02-Mar-19 09:44:20

Yes my local soft play does a £20 a month DD that I could definitely afford and make good use of but I find myself doing most of the work lifting and assisting him. I go home exhausted confused
Tumble tots seemed ideal in the sense that the sessions had a good balance of things he could do independently and things he could work towards.
I guess I'm just suffering precious first born syndrome and as you say he will develop at the normal rate with or without the extra input!

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Imfinehowareyou Sat 02-Mar-19 21:47:18

I didn't really make DC2 do anything specific at softplay. I just let them do what they could handle - maybe I lifted them on to a piece of equipment or carried them over a scramble net but I didn't treat it as a 'pe lesson'. What I remember from Tumble Tots that was really useful was not to hold their hand when they walked across the benches but to hold their waist or grab a handful of the back of their t-shirt. This enables the child to use their arms for balance, plus if they fall you don't yank their arm.
They also always had things like small hoops, balls or balloons for the children to play with. All things you can do at home. If you look on their website they have all these things for sale. Their action song CDs and DVDs are also really good.
IKEA sell mats, tunnels and a balance beam which you could use at home (or just play on at IKEA!)

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