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Calling all Reigate St Mary’s parents...!

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boyandtwogirls Sun 24-Feb-19 09:10:38

My DC are starting at Reigate St Mary’s in September and as we currently don’t live in the area, I need help!

Do most families live in Reigate, or are people spread out a bit?

Reigate is quite expensive, and there aren’t many houses on the market at the moment, so we are considering South Nutfield, Bletchingley etc, but I’m concerned about parking near the school at drop off/pick up times.

I also don’t want to be in one of the villages if everyone at the school lives in Reigate....

Any info would be much appreciated - relocating is a nightmare!! Thanks in advance xx

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Twinboymummy Fri 24-Apr-20 18:30:43

Hi, my boys are starting at RSM in September... hopefully!!! I have all the same questions that you asked last year boyandtwogirls and wondered what happened? if you moved and if you can offer us any advice? Lockdown has put a stop to house hunting and getting a bit stressed about finding somewhere now. Is Reigate worth the cost? It would be lovely to walk to school, park and town but perhaps it would be equally nice to have a bigger house and garden in the countryside for less money?? Commute to London important for husband. I'm not sure we will have much choice now but any advice appreciated. smile

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