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Holgate and moving to York tips!

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Blondecomment0703 Thu 21-Feb-19 07:27:52

Hi husband and I seem to be part of the growing number of people relocating from the south to York in search of a better life smile I am originally from near Wetherby and we are both so excited to have landed jobs started up there next summer.

However we are finding house hunting pretty baffling! Clearly we’d love a gorgeous period property in somewhere like the South Bank or Bootham, but our budget simply isn’t going near fhat. In light of the fact we are probably going to look to have kids in the coming years, one of the three bed semi type homes seems most sensible, and the majority of these on the market in our price range seem to be in the Holgate area. Is this a good place to live? We are looking for a safe, friendly feel. Any bits to avoid or which are likely to be what we are looking for?

We would like to be 30 mins walking distance from the centre while we settle in to York life, and any other area suggestions welcome! To give you an idea of budget, we are looking 325k and less and do want some kind of outdoor space. Thanks so much in advance.

lottielady Thu 21-Feb-19 07:30:52

Have a look around the Heworth and Stockton Lane areas.

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