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nickimc Wed 20-Feb-19 09:02:52

I’m in the process of moving to just outside Woking from South-West London. I’m 8 weeks pregnant and so will need to move my maternity care. It looks as though we’ll be equidistant from Royal Surrey, St Peters and Frimley Park and so was wondering if anyone could recommend any of those?

Thanks x

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mrsnec Wed 20-Feb-19 09:23:23

I live abroad but I'm from that area and my stepsisters have had babies at both those hospitals in recent years.

My brother was born at St Peters. In terms of policies and procedures I think they're both the same but I get the impression that Frimley is smaller and friendlier and if I had a choice I'd choose Frimley.

BohoMum2018 Tue 25-Jun-19 20:28:18

I had a great experience with St Peters especially with the hypnobirthing course they run. If you have a healthy pregnancy the birthing centre is beautiful but if your like me and end up taking more pain help like an epidural, then there main facility may not look fancy but have everything you need.

I have a little insight as my mum is part of the midwife community team around Ashford wink

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