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SerJamie Fri 15-Feb-19 18:20:04

I’ve just witnessed a somewhat colourful exchange between my partner and the father of her children as he came to pick them up to fulfil his tri-weekly (exaggeration) fatherly duties and couldn’t resist making his usual jibes.

Personally, I’m getting to the end of my tether because he behaves like a useless moron, yet claims he’s father of the year for no other reason than he could be worse.

I’ll just list the duties I fulfil on a daily basis and please, if you think I’m being unreasonable in my judgement, do say so.

1. I make their lunches. Every day.
2. I pick them up from school. Again, every day.
3. Not only do I take them to after school clubs, but I pay for them.
4. I take time off work so I’m able to help my partner out by taking them to school and last week I had the opportunity to go into my little girl’s ‘Welcome Wednesday’ for the first time (I’d attend every single one for both of them if I had the opportunity).
5. I provide their evening meal 4 nights a week. His parents provide 2 of the other 3 and he graciously provides the 7th (to one of them whilst the other stays with his parents.)
6. I educate them both, to the best of my ability, in order that they will behave in a respectable manner toward other humans, be polite and courteous, grateful and generous in their daily lives. That includes never using foul language in their presence.
7. When they are ill and they remain in our care, because he couldn’t possibly risk sacrificing time at work, I put them to bed every night, I read them stories and comfort and care for them until they are recovered. And if I happen to get ill, I persevere and get on with things.

I do these things because when I entered into this relationship I entered into it with not one person but three. I do it because I care for them as though they were my own, because they are an extension of the woman I love and because it’s the right thing to do.

They often come home unfed, so I feed them. They come home tired, so I forgive the resulting less-than-desirable behaviour. When my boy misses his football practice, I offer to stand in to ensure he doesn’t.

I can take the criticism so lay it on me if you think I’m deserving and I’ll suck it up and improve any way I can but I’m sick of the never ending abuse my partner is subjected to because she has the nerve to ask him, from time to time, if he wouldn’t mind doing a little bit more for his children. I can’t post his standard, cookie-cutter response to these requests because I don’t want to get banned from the site following my first post.

Believe it or not, I’m not a fan of all this negativity so if you made it this far I can only apologise to you, but if you have any advice on what you might do in my situation I will be eternally grateful.

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