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Commuting/Colchester areas to live

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Jamie1981 Tue 12-Feb-19 16:32:23

Hi all,

Hoping for some advice. My husband and I have just sold our house and are planning to move to Colchester area. We live in the West Country at the moment but he works in London and is fed up of being away from home all week.

This is a big move and we don't have London levels of equity to buy a plush pile.

We are looking at Stanway, Prettygate, Braiswick predominantly, and a couple of areas that look to be directly south of the army camp. We have a young daughter so schools are important, so we are factoring that in when looking. We wanted to look outside of Colchester but are hearing horror stories about driving times, traffic congestion and problems with parking.

Is anybody able to comment on the following (sorry for the long list, but you can answer as many or as few as you like!)

1. Is there enough parking available at Colchester Station (the mainline one)
2. Is there enough cycle storage (my husband doesn't ride a bike but its an option to keep costs down). Or as he said, at least I'll get some life insurance and not have to worry.
3. Realistically, how long would it take to drive from those areas to the station in the early morning (7-8am)
4. Outside of Colchester itself, just how bad is the parking at Marks Tey, Kelvedon and Witham?
5. Is there anything wrong with/areas to avoid in the areas listed above?
6. Is Brinkley Grove school really a bad school, or is it just the victim of overzealous ofsted inspectors - lots of suitable houses around there

Thanks for any help.


Flatbellyfella Tue 07-May-19 14:02:14

The areas you mention are fine for getting to the station, I am in Lexden & can get to the station in ten minuets at most times of the day, there is plenty of room at the station for car parking up to around ten o'clock am. Loads of people cycle to the station & leave their bikes locked up.
My granddaughters go to Stanway 5 ways school, it is very good there.
I have heard that Marks Tey is ok for parking, but lots of new houses being built for comuters to London will put a strain on that.
I moved here from Bath in 2013 after retiring ,so don't know much about outlying areas.

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