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Help SEN at Shoreham College, BHHGS, Kings School Hove

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michelle1SS Mon 11-Feb-19 09:04:01

Hello, can anyone give feedback on any of the above schools in relation to SEN? DD is academically able girl with mild hearing loss (can't wear h/aids or FM) possible dyslexia & ASD/PDA?
Need an academically challenging but not overly pressured nurturing school, with good sporting after school clubs so she feels part of a community (will only partake in school clubs as she knows teachers/people), smaller school or smalker classes. A good SEN team & school who are approachable and can see potential sometimes hidden by SEN?
We live in Brighton so its important we have access to other children in the area. I am also not well off and so are these schools accepting/welcoming of pupils who come from less fortunate families?

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