West End Primaries - getting in mid-year?

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MaimieWendy Thu 07-Feb-19 00:12:21

We’ll be moving to Glasgow soon with my 6yo son, who’s now in Year 1 in England. I believe that’s P2 in the Scottish system? (He was born in January 2013). We’re looking into primary schools in the West End (that’s where my job will be). Any ideas? I’ve heard good things about Hillhead and Hyndland Primaries, but will we get in if we move in the next 3-4 months, or is it better to wait till August? Do I apply to the local authority or directly to the school? Forgive my ignorance - everything seems so different!

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Aliceinwanderland Mon 18-Feb-19 21:09:06

You may get a place at either of those. Just depends if they have any spaces. For Hillhead you will almost certainly need to be living in the catchment as it is oversubscribed. Not sure how Hyndland is for space.
Depending on when your son's birthday is he may go into P1. We don't have reception year up here so it is not directly equivalent.

Best plan is to vontactvthe schools directly.

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