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Movingtothecountryside Tue 05-Feb-19 09:52:32

Hello, this is my first mumsnet post.

I’m looking at schools in the area prior to moving to Tunbridge Wells from Wandsworth, London.

I’ll look at all the schools I mention below but would value current or recent parents feedback. It’s always hard to see through the ‘tour’ into the real heart of the school and since I’m not currently local I don’t have the usual network to fall back on and ask.

Schools I’m interested in are Rose Hill, The Mead, Holmewood House and Somerhill (Tonbridge).

We have boys and girls aged from reception to year 4.

I just want to know the current ethos, feel, vibe for the above schools, the inside track I can’t get from afar! What’s great about them? What kind of parents and children do they attract? What’s their local reputation?

Many thanks!

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