Relocation to York or Harrogate

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Simpleman Thu 31-Jan-19 12:46:12

Hello everyone
I'm looking for some much needed advice.
We're relocating from London and we don't know the area at all.
What are the best areas of York/Harrogate for a family - looking for nice residential area (aren't we all?!) not too far from town centre/station as I'll be commuting to Leeds. A bus ride/15 minute cycle to station would be fine.
Unlike many other posters we don't want to live in a village (well my better half doesn't, sadly).
I understand Fulford/Bishopthorpe Road areas are good in York? Is Southbank area any good?
Primary school is important for DS who is due to start in September (and of course later secondary but focus right now is primary)
House - Ideally we'd want a 4/5 bed house with garden, we wouldn't rule out a townhouse if exceptional and in good location, but preference would be Victorian/Georgian/traditional style house.
Budget - ideally £500-650k but we might be able to go to £750k mark, maybe a touch more.
Grateful for any advice or insight people can offer as we are flying blind.
We're not ruling out Harrogate so if any insight into good areas there as well - much appreciated.
Thanks in advance and sorry for posting this. I know lots of posts have gone up on this previously but many are from people who are happy to go further afield to villages, sadly not an option for us.
We're due to come up to recce York/Harrogate (and Leeds) in the next few weeks so it would be great to know where we should focus our time and efforts.

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