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Sevenoaks: Bat & Ball/Greatness: am I being risky?

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dgerrard Thu 31-Jan-19 10:27:03

Hi all,

Went and viewed a property with my wife on the weekend.

It's the first one we've seen that we've been at all interested in. Hour commute to her work, house is spotless, within our price range, overall area is really nice.

The street itself though, I felt a bit uncomfortable. It's in the Bat & Ball/Greatness area of Sevenoaks. I knew going in that it wasn't going to be an ultra-posh part of town, but I was a bit taken aback even then.

My wife says I'm overreacting, but we don't really know anyone in the area that I can check my misgivings with, and it would be a lot of money to spend if the area turned out to be rougher than we realise.

Any thoughts on this area? Up and coming, or steer clear? Thank you!

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