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Barton farm ( kings Barton) or ? Whitchurch

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Claracracksthenut Tue 29-Jan-19 16:25:13

We are looking to move for space.
We are currently just outside winchester so everything is in winchester for us. DC1 will be attending a winchester secondary from September, as yet we don’t know which one but catchment is HB.

So kingsbarton is an option but it seems to big for me and although the houses seem nice I really don’t know that I could live there. But close to city and schools for childREN and station for the London commute with a bus to the station.

Other option is some nice new builds in Whitchurch much nicer development bigger house for money so 5 bed plus utility and extra room compared with kings Barton in similar price range 4 bed no utility or dining room. Would be bus to winchester school ( it is on HB bus route) but westgate and kings would mean public bus. Station in town still.

Views on these areas honestly please. Snobs welcome also.
We currently live in a very desirable village older house but need space and more bathrooms etc (3 children)and quite frankly a easy new build appeals. But have reservations.

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