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Affordable family areas in Trafford, advice please

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Francesnat Tue 29-Jan-19 13:10:28


Am moving up to Manchester with my husband for his job. We have 2 young kids and are looking for a nice family area for under 200k. We are looking at Urmston and Stretford, can anyone advise on areas to avoid in Stretford or recommend? Would really like Urmston but there isn't much within our budget.

happytoday73 Fri 01-Feb-19 20:29:36

well I thought this would be a simple challenge but a rightmove search inc under offer was pretty fruitless! Where the usual death and divorce houses are this January I don't know! Not much on market and lots of open days to pump the price up I see!
frustrating I'm sure as you could have got a liveable but old fashioned 3 bed on Canterbury rd estate for your budget 3 or so years ago.

you are going to have to cosy up to the estate agents I think... and get in their first.
is there any sold or not that you quite like currently on there and I can give you my gut feeling?
why these areas? do you need these areas for trafford park or is job city centre? are you willing to look at other areas? are kids preschool? or primary as some schools are very full....

topsmart Mon 25-Feb-19 14:20:37

Have you looked in Old Trafford? Lots of lovely 3 bed terraced streets around seymour park which might fit your budget

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