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Moving to Stroud from London, advice please

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needawittyusername Mon 28-Jan-19 19:29:33

Hi MNers, I'm looking to move to Stroud from London (Forest Hill) and wanted some advice from you knowledgeable people. My husband and I really want a lifestyle change from our too-busy jobs, the pace of London and lack of green space, and love the vibe of Stroud as well as the surrounding countryside and great schools in the area.

My first question is about schools. I have 2 kids (ages 5 and 8) and have been visiting primary schools and really like Gastrells and Rodborough. We are planning to rent at first so we can move quickly (and get to know the area before buying). As we'll be moving in year, the catchment area isn't such a big deal but we'd want to build a community around the school. How close are most families to those schools? I have asked the schools but they are a bit vague.

Also if any of you have been through the appeals process for in year school applications with Gloucester county council how did you get on? So far schools have max of one place in the years I'm after so I'd have to appeal to try to get the second one into the same school.

I also wanted advice about driving. As a Londoner I'm a bit nervous about having to drive everywhere, especially with the windy lanes. Have any of you moved from a city and did you get used to it? Or are there areas of Stroud / surrounding areas where people walk around?!

Thanks in advance for your help!

GreenShadow Thu 07-Mar-19 17:56:20

Hi needawittyusername ,

Sorry no one has answered this - does anyone ever read 'Local' topics on here?

Anyway, I know the Rodborough area very well and would say most families live pretty close to both schools. Rodborough certainly seems to have a very nice friendly feel about it and is very much a community school. Probably most families are with in walking distance (and parking is horrible, so do try and avoid having to do that). I doubt you'd get in either school if you lived far outside the catchment.

We also moved to the Stroud area and had to appeal to try and get DS2 in the same school we had found a place for DS3 in. We were unlucky but then the year in question was already well over it's normal maximum number so not that surprising. We ended up having to drive between 2 schools for a year which wasn't ideal but just manageable.

Driving for the most part is fine - not much of a rush hour compared to cities and you can chose not to live down one of the tiny lanes (we both agreed that we didn't want that. You can guarantee you wouldn't be able to get your car out for several days if you get any snow.!) If you live in the Rodborough area, the chances are you could walk most places - schools, town, Aldi/Sainsbury, sports centre (depending on how far you like to walk). Plus the most the secondary schools can be walked to from Rodborough. Buses aren't very good though apart from along the main roads into and out of town. I'm very luck and can walk to my work across the AONB/National Trust Commons. How many people are lucky enough to have that for a commute!

Renting first is definitely a good idea - we also did that and among other things you realise that it's preferable to live on the sunny side of the valleys otherwise you end up losing the sun very early in the day! It's often these little things you wouldn't have thought of otherwise.

If you have any specific queries about the area, please do feel free to PM me.

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