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greenlilith Sun 27-Jan-19 11:16:54

Hi Bournemouth parents! My name is Kate and my partner and I are currently being assessed to become adoptive parents. We're quite a long way through the process, and expect to go to the adoption panel for approval in May. We've both been DBS checked, done all our training and passed the first stage of the assessment process.

Our social worker has recommended that we look for opportunities to increase our direct childcare experience outside of our own families (we both have nieces/nephews etc who we see and help out with regularly). SO... This might be a bit of strange one, but I'm wondering if there are any parents out there who maybe need a bit of help, a few hours a week, evenings or weekends - for free, obviously! We are looking to adopt a baby or a child up to the age of four, so ideally I'm looking for experience with that age group in particular. I could be an 'extra pair of hands' while you were home or I could babysit, whichever worked best for you.

I realise that this is probably a pretty unusual post/request, and that if you were even considering it you would have a ton of questions first of all, so please fire away! And I would of course expect to meet up with you IRL first, show you my DBS certificate etc, and make sure you were entirely comfortable with me before meeting your child/children. Thanks for reading!

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