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Sling meet - St Enoch Centre

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bookthief Sun 01-Jul-07 22:40:26

Has anyone been to this? Apparently it's once a month but I don't know when.

I've acquired 4 different slings/carriers over the last 6 months and I could really do with getting some instruction on how to use a couple of them properly!

weeonion Sun 08-Jul-07 23:31:08

bookthief - i think th elast one was at kelvingrove so i am not sure if the group meets at st enochs!! like you - i have bought a few slings / carriers - wilkinet, betterbay, bjorn etc and cant get the hang of the ring sling! there is a site called sling meet i think - maybe check it out??

AnneD Mon 23-Jul-07 16:20:09


we had to cancel the last one and don't have a date for the next one yet.
I'm due any day now so I'm not making too many plans! But feel free to suggest a date and we can see when other people are free.

We used to meet at the St Enoch Centre, anyone knows if it's open again?

Last time we met at the Kelvingrove playground, it was really nice.

weeonion Fri 21-Sep-07 12:06:04

hi - i belive the next glasgow sling meet is on thurs 27th at theo's on gt western rd at 10.45am!

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