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Secondary schools specific learning difficulties

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juliet76 Wed 23-Jan-19 11:52:24

Hi all, I know there have been SO many questions about schools, but my question is fairly specific and so I'd still appreciate some updated advice!

My son aged 9.5 was diagnosed with dyslexia aged 7, he also has poor auditory processing and so of course poor working memory which usually goes with that. He's bright, but finds focusing a real challenge, am pretty sure there's some ADHD thrown in the mix too although he's not a hyperactive child, just super dreamy.

He's been at various schools in Bath, starting at St Saviours infants then moving to Kingswood prep because of smaller class sizes where he dropped back a year (July baby also 3 languages and SLD's, so all in all behind!) Finally we moved him to Calder House in Sep as he was struggling to keep his head above water at Kingswood, although he made great progress under an amazing teacher in Y3. Calder House are incredible but my thoughts are now turning to secondary schools and I'm in a right muddle!

I love the idea of him attending our local state - St Marks in Larkhall - but am worried about class sizes in state. He needs really focused attention or he'll just sit there and dream. Not one school seems to tick all the boxes and whilst I realise that no school does, it'd be good to get close at least. He loves and is good at science especially the hands on bits, so I'd like somewhere with a strong, inspiring science dept. Also of course he needs an excellent learning support dept and smallish class sizes. I'd also love a focus on general overall learning and progress rather than purely academic achievement which frankly I couldn't care less about from a results viewpoint - what I want is for him to be inspired in something, anything - whatever that may be and somewhere that will help him to find some inspiration in life and the drive/confidence to go for it - somewhere that celebrates effort and progress, not just achievement. Above all I'd like him to be somewhere that encourages and celebrates a "try your hardest" attitude even if you're not top dog, rather than being rewarded simply for being a natural high-flyer.

I am thinking St Marks, Oldfield, potentially Monkton....and possibly some of the surrounding areas like Bradford on Avon, Corsham or Chippenham. I don't know a lot about state schools so any advice on both private and state would be really appreciated, bearing in mind this is not your average child! I'm very wary of Kingswood Snr as I think he'd fall back to feeling like a real underachiever again.


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