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Warwickshire step-parents/step-grandparents

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Thyme43 Mon 21-Jan-19 13:38:09

I'm starting up a group for step-parents and step-grandparents in Warwickshire and our first meeting will be on Monday 11 March, 8pm at Dunchurch Methodist Church.

The group is for step-parents and step-grandparents to meet and support each other, to share experiences and learn from each other.

I'm setting it up because there aren't really any other groups like it. There are plenty of groups for new biological parents or online forums for step-parents, but nothing locally for step-parents and grandparents.

I've been a step-mum myself for nearly two years and I've often wished that a group existed, so I thought it was time to start it myself.

The website is, and anyone interested in coming along to the group should email

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