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cheeky monkeys in brig

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JOHNSTY Sat 30-Jun-07 10:49:02

i'am visiting there this soon for a birthday party (not mine sadly) what are it's good/bad points?

Crocky Sat 30-Jun-07 18:24:47

It's very popular so weekends usually see it crammed full.
It will be noisy and you may have a fight to get a drink and a seat but the kids always love it.

JOHNSTY Sun 01-Jul-07 10:18:33

it was noisy, and really busy. they had stopped letting people in by the time we get there. luckily they gave the birthday party a side room. it was extremely hot.

berney Thu 06-Sep-07 17:44:47

i took my son there back in february NEVER AGAIN! the place was very dirty and the food and drink well over-priced, i ordered a hotdog for my son - it took three quarters of an hour to arrive, it was freezing cold AND the bread was mouldy!

mumwithexperience Mon 13-Jun-11 12:13:18

Hello, i'm new to mumsnet, i am a mum to 3 gorgeous children and care for many age from new born to 5. I recently visited cheeky monkeys and loved the place. It was clean, great for all ages, staff though very busy, friendly and chatty. It does get busy but the last 3 months i have been going every Thursday at 12.15 for lunch and a good play and it has been fine. Yes the food can take a while to arrive 20/30mins but quite honestly the kiddies want to play and need that half hour to explore. The thing that gets me, is there are notices up regarding disposing of your rubbish i.e kids lunches come in boxes like Mc Donalds. and very few dispose of their rubbish, kids drop food and the parents/carers leave it there. On using the high chair i always make sure i give it a good wipe after use, If people dont clean up after themselves it will get messy and staff will be busy cleaning up after us. There was a mum there who's child did a stinker of a nappy which leaked, he left pooh on the ball pool and bouncy castle whilst the mum read a magazine, when the staff informed her she changed the child and went back to the magazine! leaving the staff to run around cleaning up after her kiddie. I would hope that the place stays open as many have closed. Many fellow carers have been told not to take the child they care for there due to mumsnets blogs which i think is a shame. We use to have 3 softplays near us and now 1 which is cheeky monkeys. It is a good size for the under fives where many with older children are not so under 5 friendly. Give it another go, i did so have the families of children i care for. at £5.80 for lunch and a 2 hour play i think it's very good value and they provide sibling discount. I loved the place and will continue using it and hope that it does not go under like so many havesmile))))))))))))

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