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Parking at Redhill station?

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boyandtwogirls Mon 14-Jan-19 14:22:48

No way of making this an interesting post, but any info on parking at/commuting from Redhill would be much appreciated!
We are moving to the area in the Summer and DH will be commuting from Redhill. Any chance of a parking space at 8a.m. or is it full from much earlier?

Just trying to figure out if we need to live within walking distance of the station or not...

The children will be at school in Reigate, so any info on Reigate traffic would be great too.

Apologies for the boring topic!!

Blankscreen Tue 15-Jan-19 09:47:53

DH parks at Redhill station it's £109 a month.
You usually have to go on waiting list to get a season ticket.

He gets there for just before 8 and parks. Hello doesn't generally moan about the traffic and he travels from Reigate.

Reigate Traffic can be horrendous particularly if you are going near the railway line, the whole town can snarl up.

Which school are they going to?

ciderhouserules Tue 15-Jan-19 09:51:27

Depending on the school in Reigate - the whole town snarls up when the train barriers go down (so lots, in peak times).

Where are you moving to? Depending on which side of Redhill/Reigate you are, it may be possible to walk to school or to the train station. Or the buses are very good, normally.

boyandtwogirls Tue 15-Jan-19 10:18:40

Thank you Blankscreen and ciderhouserules that's really helpful.

I'll look into the waiting list for a season ticket... You'd hope that they wouldn't sell more season tickets than spaces to ensure that people who have one can actually park?

We're going to have a look at Reigate St Mary's, so if they have spaces, hopefully there. We'd probably get more space in a house outside Reigate, but if there's no parking at Redhill and the traffic is awful to get the children to school, then maybe we need to be within walking distance.

So much to think about...!!!

ciderhouserules Tue 15-Jan-19 11:43:39

Reigate St Marys - you'd really ideally like to be walking distance! It is absolute hell to park - even the road it's on is pretty hellish at rush hour. Not sure about spaces, but you can also look at Reigate parish - it was an Infants' school, but recently added on the Junior years too, so the dc can go all the way through. Or Reigate Priory - it's a state Junior school, set in the historic building in the park. Very lovely school. Both these have better parking/drop off facilities.

Re Redhill station - if you buy between the towns (Wray Common Road, Croydon road, Lesbourne road - and all the little roads off these) you will be nicely placed to walk to the station(s) in one direction and the schools and town in the other.

Lokisglowstickofdestiny Tue 15-Jan-19 12:02:44

The main car park for Redhill is not season ticket only now before 9am so it's first come first served (and they have apparently more season ticket holders than spaces!). The general view is any later than 7.45 and you run the risk of no spaces. There's a Facebook group for the Reigate and Redhill district train users, it's got some good info on it.
I'd echo the above comments re RSM - I'd be within walking distance, the traffic to get in is fairly horrendous. I'd also say the same for the Parish and Priory schools, as the Parish has expanded so has the traffic (I walk passed the chaos everyday). To park for the Priory you either need to use Bell Street car park or Morrisons, getting in either during rush hour means long traffic queues.
I'd be looking on the Redhill side of Reigate and definitely south of the level crossing.

Blankscreen Tue 15-Jan-19 20:00:53

You could look on the borders of Redhill/Reigate which I think is called 'redgate' by the Estate agents you could walk to RSM from there and the station but it is a bit of a trek if you want to walk into Reigate at the weekends. May or not bother you.

Largely depends on budget but for easy access to both school and station the crakell road/waterlow road/chase areas are nice but pricey. Slightly more reasonable is Blackstone close and hill but again not cheap.

A lot will depend on your budget.

ciderhouserules Wed 16-Jan-19 07:40:24

Agree with Blankscreen - I know someone who bought on Crakell Road and it was upwards of £1m, and then needed work shock ! Reigate is stupid expensive, not sure why, as you have to either take the train from Reigate and change at Redhill for London, or go to Redhill station.

Dorking is pretty, and has a direct train line to London. Or some of the little villages round there - West Humble, BoxHill etc. Also quite expensive tho.

We live south of Reigate and I used to work there, but the town I live in is much more affordable, and is on a direct line to London Bridge.

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