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Nursery in Reigate?

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boyandtwogirls Mon 14-Jan-19 14:12:29

Hello everyone

We will be moving to Reigate in the Summer and need a nursery for my daughter who will be nearly 2. Any recommendations??? Or places to avoid?

I would ideally like somewhere with some outside space (not fields, just somewhere for a run around) and that has a caring atmosphere.

We are relocating for work, any don't know anyone locally, so any help would be much appreciated...

Blankscreen Tue 15-Jan-19 09:50:41

Shapes is meant to be very nice and get highly recommended.

It depends whereabouts you are moving to and which school your children are going to for logistics.

There is a new nursery opening on Somers Road near Micklefield but the parking is horrendous.

Blankscreen Fri 18-Jan-19 23:26:11

Just found out today there is a new nursery opening at Shaw's corner border of Redhill/Reigate.

Pippa's house-sitting might be worth looking at.

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