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Social housing

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Mummy2Jellybean Wed 09-Jan-19 20:52:32

We privately rent a house that is unsuitable for our disabled Daughter. Our landlady refuses to allow us to make any changes to support our DD’s needs within the home and also won’t pay for any maintenance that is urgently needed. We applied for social housing and were placed well in the council’s banding system due to DD’s medical needs.
We had planned to stay here until suitable social housing was offered. However, we have had a disagreement with our landlady over the repair/maintenance work needed and she has served us with a section 21.
We had thought that this would have given us some priority on the waiting list but have since found out that the council will not class us as homeless unless we move into temporary accommodation and we will not be given any more priority status until we are forceably removed by the courts. Our Social Worker has stressed the need for stability and asked the council to avoid temporary accommodation at all costs but they have done nothing at all to support us. All they have said is that when we reach the section 21 date they will transfer us into temporary accommodation and then change our banding to homelessness status which would give us more priority for a permanent home.
We have had a dreadful experience privately renting and know that in the long term social housing will be better for our circumstances.
We are finding the situation very upsetting. Does anyone have any advice of how I keep my sanity through all this? Or any positive stories about social housing and how persistence paid off in the end? Thanks

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