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Welcome to Hillingdon

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MrsRecycle Wed 27-Jun-07 13:24:59

Hi there

I am the Czarina for Hillingdon and would like to welcome you to our Local Site. I am a working mum, aged 42 with 3 children (2 dds aged 9;6 and a ds1 aged 10 months). I also meet up regularly with the Richmond/West London crew. I live in Ruislip.

Welcome and enjoy!

MrsRecycle Sun 01-Jul-07 12:42:33

Anyone around this weekend??

BunnyBaby Tue 24-Jul-07 15:27:25

Hello - just stumbled across this. I'm 30 live in Ruislip too and am 21 weeks pg with first baby. We will be around this weekend, but my husband is moving his business premises so it will be like a whirlwind. Will be good to see who else is in our area!!

MrsRecycle Tue 24-Jul-07 17:26:07

Oh Hi BunnyBaby nice to meet you - and congrats on the pg. I'm not around this weekend (off to our caravan) but might be going out with some other non-mumsnet mums in the next couple of weeks so if you fancy tagging along, you're more than welcome.

HopefullyJustParanoid Fri 24-Aug-07 20:32:45

hello, I'm also a working mother with 2 dds (9 & 7.5) - aged 44 & live in Uxbridge. Are there many local mumsnetters?

LadyG Tue 04-Sep-07 15:06:16

We're just about to move to Ruislip in October-me working mum with 2 year old DS. Would like to meet some other locals!

MrsRecycle Tue 11-Sep-07 13:13:12

Hi Hopefully - our dds are very close in age! There are a few in Ruislip but probably haven't realised this site is here (I must try and get them on here).

Hi LadyG - whereabouts in Ruislip are you moving to?

If anyone's up for it, we could arrange a meet-up once LadyG's moved in (I like the Swan & Bottle in Uxbridge!!)

MonnowCyclist Thu 13-Sep-07 16:44:19

that's a good idea! (nice wines )

LyndaS Thu 20-Sep-07 22:18:25

Hi all

I've only just found the local site!

I'm a working mum with a 13 month old son.

LK2boyzma Sat 22-Sep-07 19:00:17

hi there, I just registered recently. Am a working mum with an 8yr old child. Am expecting another in two months though I am very sceptical about going to Hillingdon, any1 got anything to share about their experience there!

MonnowCyclist Sun 23-Sep-07 10:25:42

My experiences are not recent (dds b 1998 & 2000) but NOT pleasant - just get out as fast as you can! Plus if you have an epidural do make sure they are checking everything (came frighteningly close to a ruptured bladder) and if poss get yr dp to stay as even if you can't walk nobody will get you breakfast!! Also flip flops a must for walking anywhere at all including showers.

BunnyBaby Sun 30-Sep-07 11:19:13

Hi, i was sceptical about hillingdon and asked doctor to refer me to Northwick Park , which he did, really glad I asked to be transferred. Hoping for homebirth with independent midwife - due 28th Nov

MonnowCyclist Mon 01-Oct-07 18:52:24

oo, great idea BB, good luck to you and Lk2!

LK2boyzma Mon 01-Oct-07 21:21:35

I have been looking around at available options but dh does not understand the "FUSS"

The thought of going there just makes me dread the day I go into labour! I looked into independant MW, but they all seem to do HBs only and I am not keen on a HB!

BunnyBaby Tue 02-Oct-07 10:32:29

After the matenal deaths at Northwick Park in 2002 they invested in 10 extra midwifes, 3 obstreticians and a new high dependency unit. when I enquired with my ruislip gp I was told there was no choice and everyone goes to hillingdon. I wrote to the head of the practise and said I'd take my chances that northwick park would acccept me, and lo and behold they did. The service is a millions times better than hillingdon. At hillingdon no-one had made contat with me by the time I was 18 weeks, yet northick park have been on the ball with everything, I was in for 45 minutes for my booking in and scan, and only 20 minutes for my 20 week scan. I'd decided on Independent Midwife before asking to be referred to Northwick Park, but wanted to be sue I was happy with the hospital I would go to if I needed to transfer. Interestingly, Northwick Park were supportive of my IM choice, Hillingdon weren't. Good luck, just fight your corner

LadyG Mon 05-Nov-07 16:16:41

Ooh hello to Mrs Recycle and all others
Would love a local mums meet up ! Probably after Christmas now with all the family and work things and other craziness.

LK2boyzma Sun 11-Nov-07 00:03:57

Hello all,

I am quite sure I posted something here a few days a go but I do not see it.

LadyG- how was your move to Ruislip, hope you are enjoying your new home. Post Xmas meet up sounds good

chloemegjess Fri 21-Dec-07 18:32:07

Hello, I am new to the site and thought I would introduce myself! I am living in New Denham, which is just next to uxbridge (walking distance). I grew up in Ruislip so know that area very well.

I am pregnant with my first baby, due on sunday! Would be nice to talk to other mums in the area.

I am a young mum, I am 20 and my husband is 23.

MrsRecycle Sat 29-Dec-07 18:38:52

Hi Chloe - welcome to the Local site - my new year's resolution is to try and get more people on it.

chloemegjess Tue 01-Jan-08 20:57:44

Thank you. I had my baby on saturday so it would be great to find other people with babies! Will pass on the website to any others I know.

MrsRecycle Wed 02-Jan-08 11:59:56

Congratulations chloe - thanks for passing on the details to others. My baby is now 16 months and, this time last year, I was looking for other mums to meet up with in Uxbridge. Now I'm back at work sad but if I have a spare day off, I'll be in touch.

MonnowCyclist Fri 25-Jan-08 20:21:05

Congratulations Chloe! I found the Salvation Army & St Margaret's church baby/toddler groups great for maintaining sanity - there's also one at Our Lady of Lourdes & the free church on Wellington Road - perhaps a bit further out for you. Also found it v helpful joining the local surgery's new mother group (was with Belmont Surgery but the group was at Uxbridge Health Centre near Sainsbury's. Also met one of my best friends at an NCT coffee morning though had never got round to officially joining. All this experience is from 8-9 years ago but i know at least some of them & probably all are still active. I would definitly also recommend you do something like baby massage which includes a bit of relaxation for you. And any opportunity at all to sleep - caught myself looking longingly at benches in the Pavilions on some occasions when dd1 dropped off in her pushchair having failed to do it anywhere useful blush Good luck and enjoy your new baby!

chloemegjess Wed 30-Jan-08 23:42:57

lol. Yes I have started to go to the baby groups at uxbridge health centre now. It was baby massage this week, which was great! Realy enjoyed it. Have been out most days since Elouise was born, even if just for few hours. By the way, I am looking for some babysitting work at the moment and have been advertising etc (I am a qualified nursery nurse and in the process of registering as a childminder, have first aid, CRB checks etc). So if anybody needs a babysitter or knows of anybody who does, do let me know! I charge £5 per hour usually. My email is

Barbos Sat 23-Feb-08 22:10:09

Hello all, I am 32, a working mum of a 20 month old girl- Sofia. We currently live in Greenwich, South East London and are moving to Ickenham in June. My company is moving office to Uxbridge so we are relocating. I am a bit nervous as we have never lived in North West London and don't know anyone there. In fact, we just had a few trips to choose an area with a relocation consultant and really liked Ickenham and Ruislip. The choice was instinctive but we don't know much about how child friendly the area is, local facilities, etc... I would love to connect up with the local mums! Masha

MrsRecycle Wed 27-Feb-08 10:48:38

Hi Masha - my dh is a South London boy and felt the same as you. He loves it here now (and would never go back). We were contemplating living in Dulwich or Ruislip a long time back and we are so glad we made the decision to live here in Ruislip. Plus Uxbridge is brilliant for shopping.

Ickenham is great - a real village feel. Hope to meet up withyou in June.

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