It's not quite Carlisle........ but...........

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Beelliesebub Tue 26-Jun-07 10:15:26

Is there any mum's from Workington/Whitehaven?

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Pipnbosh Fri 21-Sep-07 11:46:17

Hi I'm from Workington!


Beelliesebub Thu 22-Nov-07 20:55:07

Excellent......... HI!

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Steffi26uk Wed 28-Nov-07 23:58:40

Hiya im from Workington too! x

margeryk Sun 23-Dec-07 00:55:05

I'm from Moresby Parks - Merry Christmas one and all,

twinkle183 Tue 03-Aug-10 11:55:35

Me... I am from Whitehaven!!!!

soontobeblooming Fri 08-Oct-10 22:23:10

im from workington!


aristomache Sun 07-Nov-10 11:17:35

I'm just outside whitehaven

Pipnbosh Tue 04-Jan-11 17:28:03

Had forgotten about this thread I live near the towncentre, does anyone know of any good toddler groups? X

Gina321 Wed 19-Jan-11 21:45:45

Baby Sensory classes on a wednesday at Greystone community centre in carlisle is fantastic first session free for babies birth to 13 months get in touch if you would like to come along

jomummyof3 Fri 11-Feb-11 10:26:43

hello!!! im nr whitehaven

Billie2 Sun 01-Sep-19 14:06:19

Thinking of moving g to Whitehaven. What areas/streetsshould we avoid for a quiet life?

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