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due in october and moving to surbiton next month

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chipmunk1 Mon 25-Jun-07 16:04:31

Hi All, i'm due in oct and my bf and me are moving to surbiton in about a months time. does anyone have any good tips on how to get out and meet new people? i'm also looking to join an antenatal class so any advice on good ones to join would be a real help! look forward to hearing from you, thanks, jess

ComeOVeneer Mon 25-Jun-07 16:12:32

No real advice for antenatal stuff as we moved here when our 2 were no longer babies. But I am just down the road from Surbiton (regularly shop there). I am part of a MN West London group (check under the "meet-up" topic for our threads), we regularly have day time meet-ups and a monthly evening get togethers.

Locally I would recommend youget in touch with the NCT for an antenatal class (do it soon as they get booked up in advance) and hopefully the others in the group will befriend you and point you in the dirction of baby friendly stuff locally.

leakaye Thu 18-Oct-07 15:06:38

Hi, I live in Kingston. I lived in surbiton for 3 years. I had my daughter when I was living on brighton road, my daughter is now 1.5years old. There are so many baby groups in surbiton. There is a creche in the YMCA, nothing special, but great to meet a friend for a coffee. There is a baby group at Surbiton Hill Methodist church on Ewell road on Tuesday mornings. There is also a childrens centre on Alpha road that have many things going on. I would call the Kingston Childrens information service and ask for the list of baby groups in the area. I also would go to Oakhill clinic and register with one of their GP's. They have a great little clinic upstairs where I met so many mums. They do baby weigh ins there and it's a real hotspot for making friends. I am always up for meeting for a coffee, I know your baby will be much younger than mine, but we are still two mums in the area, so we have two things in common already. I also teach baby massage classes, so if your interested, please get in touch and I can give you more information. Take care.

Newmaldenmum Mon 22-Oct-07 03:15:29

Hi, all
I am living in New Malden,I have moved down here since April 07, my daughter is just 6 month old now I am quite interested in meeting up mum's club and learing baby massage and some tips. I havn't join anything yet,though, very excited to join good one with my baby.
I would love to get in touch with you, guys, if you are fine.
Looking forwards to hearing from you...

star6 Wed 02-Jul-08 12:10:31

Hi chipmunk1 - dh and I live in surbiton and are expecting our first baby in october as well 12th october in fact... as accurate as that could be...
Let me know if you want to meet up sometime.

star6 Wed 02-Jul-08 12:11:51

oops - just saw that this was 2007!! ha! Well, I'm an entire YEAR behind in replying to this then! Sorry...

Amanda78 Wed 02-Jul-08 12:34:58

Hi Star6,

I can see that you replied to this old message but I live in East Molesey which is not far from you and have a dd who will be 2 on Oct 12! Something about that date eh! I am also expecting no.2 in November so pregant at mo. Let me know if you fancy meeting up! Meeting up with another MN mum on Friday 11th if you are free, haven't met her before - see Walton local thread message in Kingston Local for chat history and join in.

BEAUTlFUL Tue 02-Sep-08 10:22:36

Hi Star6, welcome to the area! I can recommend the Kingston NCT, they do loads of coffee mornings. I haven't been to one yet (blush) as I'm shy and disorganised! but we could go along together if you like.

I have a 6 month old DS.

You can join online, if you go to the NCT site here

CocoNutopia Tue 05-Sep-17 14:23:12

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CocoNutopia Tue 05-Sep-17 14:27:03

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