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Any cafes in Exeter centre with play area?

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MilkManiaMama Sat 15-Dec-18 22:12:05

Hi all,

I need to do some Christmas shopping in Exeter but my 10 month old daughter will only stay in her pram for about an hour max before she starts trying to climb out and gets very restless and cross! If I can take her for lunch somewhere and also let her crawl around and play, then I can put her back in the pushchair fir a bit afterwards.

Does anyone know of any cafes/places in Exeter city centre with a small play area that my little girl can crawl around in, play with a few toys/books? She's not quite walking and that makes finding somewhere suitable a bit harder!

Thanks for any ideas :-)

ifigoup Sat 15-Dec-18 22:17:30

There’s not a soft play in the city centre, but the main library has a lovely children’s area with toys, cushions and padded stairs to crawl and climb on, and a baby changing room. It does have a café too, but not right next to the children’s area.

MilkManiaMama Sat 15-Dec-18 22:40:55

Fabulous, thank you. Great idea xx

ifigoup Sun 16-Dec-18 06:03:46

They also have little crawl-through tunnels with mirrors on the inside that my DC loved at that age, and a gorgeous vintage rocking horse!

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