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Moving to UK

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itsafsy Thu 13-Dec-18 18:45:29

Hi everyone,

Today hubby got a job offer in Bury St Edmunds and we are moving from Italy to this part of the world very soon. I don't have any idea about the location and just visited London for 2 times. We should settle down many things and the first one is the matter of the house. Honestly I don't know where I have to look for? I prefer a furnish home or apartment, while I want to keep our home in Italy as a rest home. Also I am job seeker as well, I'm looking for a bit of advice on living in Newmarket or Bury St.Edmunds or any other place that's suitable for a couple.

Now we are just initially thinking Newmarket but seems like it has more going on from posts Ive found in various places.

Preferable would like to reduce hubby's drive to/from work because of traffic. The only place we bear in mind is Newmarket but not sure what its like as heard various comments on it not being that nice?

Sorry for the long post but I really hope some out you will be able to help and give some advice on areas etc

Many thanks

dapplegrey Thu 13-Dec-18 18:52:23

Newmarket is lovely. It’s known as the headquarters of horse racing so if you like racing you’ll love it. Having said that, I haven’t spent time there for several years so it may have changed.

user1457017537 Thu 13-Dec-18 18:52:47

Newmarket is a horse racing town. Lots of trainers and jockeys.

itsafsy Thu 13-Dec-18 18:56:42


Thank you for your responses, I need the basic information for living in this area and should equip ourselves with most essential things for moving.

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