Sixth Forms - RGS North Bristol post 16 / Cathedral / CGS

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Hyssop Sat 08-Dec-18 14:32:14

Does anyone have any personal experience of these Sixth Forms? We have been looking with dd, but are relatively new to Bristol and don't know anyone with 6th form age children to ask their impressions.

They all seem good. We were both keen on Cathedral, but the Ofsted rating is weaker for the 6th form than the rest of the school, she liked RGS and I liked CGS.

I've heard the post 16 centre is quite druggie which is a worry. I'm sure there's a certain amount anywhere at this age, but I don't want it perceived as normal!

Thank you smile

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catndogslife Sun 09-Dec-18 14:14:05

My dd has just finished sixth form in Bristol. She has friends at the
Cathedral school who seem to be happy and doing well. Some pupils who have attended this school seem to move schools for sixth form as there is more choice of subjects at the larger sixth forms than the smaller ones.
Do the sixth forms publish a list of results by subject - this can be a good tie-breaker.
Would your dd prefer co-ed or all-girls. Would she prefer a larger or smaller sixth form.
Have you considered St Mary Redcliffe - the church attending criteria don't apply for sixth form entry and it's quite a large sixth form.
What evidence do you have for "druggie" behaviour? I wouldn't choose or reject a sixth form based on gossip without real evidence.
My dd went to the sixth form college St Brendans on the edge of Bristol. They haven't finished all their Open evenings yet.
You don't have to decide yet. You can apply to several and make a final decision on results day.

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