Anyone else fed up with NELGC - North East London Gymnastics Club?

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wecanblue Sun 02-Dec-18 15:58:17

Hello all, please excuse the rant that follows.

We have been members of NELGC, a gymnastics club for children, for a few years now but even though my children love gymnastics, we have considered numerous times quitting the lessons due to the unreasonable rules and conditions set by the club director.

Over the years the rules have continually changed, generally getting stricter and stricter, and they have included:
1) children are not allowed in a lesson if they are late, with no grace period whatsoever
2) parents were not allowed in the club premises AT ALL, not even to help a small child get dressed/undressed or to view the lessons even though they have a viewing area. This later changed to being allowed to watch the lessons on very rare occasions, and later changed again to no siblings allowed in the viewing area anymore, posing a problem for parents wanting to see their child's progress.
3) girls must wear the official leotard that the club director chooses every year, which is fair enough even though it's expensive. However, if it's cold, they are not allowed to wear any additional clothes unless they are the official ones also, even though extra clothes are needed only occasionally and the official ones are also expensive. So the girls just have to stand the cold or the child and the parents get told off for bringing other items of clothing.
4) Recently, parents whose children have allergies must bring an epipen to the lesson. If they forget, the child is denied entry despite the fact that food is not allowed in the club anyway, and even if the parent offers to stay and/or to sign a form releasing them of responsibility.

And I could go on!

In addition, the club keeps raising their fees every year in a covert manner, by changing the way they structure the lessons so it is difficult to compare with the previous year, and without admitting that the fees are actually getting higher. However, I have tracked it and in the time we have been with the club the yearly fees have NEARLY TRIPLED!

Unfortunately, there is a scarcity of clubs in this area and apparently quite a high demand for lessons so the club director has little incentive to be reasonable and not make such unfair and unreasonable rules. In fact, it is almost as if she enjoys the power that she has and whenever she tells a child that she is not allowed in the lesson because of one rule or another, she is not apologetic at all.

We are so irritated at this point that we'd love to quit but it would mean that the children cannot do gymnastics anymore. What is your advise? Do you know of any other clubs in the area? Do you have any ideas about how we could get the director to relax the rules?

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