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Lawuska Thu 29-Nov-18 21:49:47

Hi mums,

we've recently moved to Kingston upon Thames, and I am really interested in 2 schools in the area - our son just turned 4 this month, so he'll go to nursery till next year, when he'll start reception; the first one is Hampton court House, and the other one is Newland House School. We've visited both, and we like both, and we just can't decide on which one to choose. They are different, HCH is focusing more towards arts (ballet, drama, arts&crafts), while NH is focusing more on technology, and for the nursery, it combines the standard teaching plus some montessori...
Is there any mum on this forum who has their child enrolled to any of the 2 above mentioned schools? I'd really like to hear some feedback about them.

Many thanks in advance.

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