Appeal for Lost , Much-Loved Bunny Teddy

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LondonDane Thu 29-Nov-18 18:45:01

Dear All.
My daughter's Bunny went missing Friday 23rd November (last week) - we think on St James's Drive - SW17 area - and desperately want to hear whether someone has seen it or has rescued it. The other place we may have lost Bunny is in Kingston KT2 area opposite Canbury School.

As I can't attach an image, here is a link - Please have a look -

We chose Bunny together when my daughter was around 2 years old (8 years ago) and this is the one she sleeps with and travels everywhere with. My daughter is heartbroken and desperate to be united with her Bunny Wunny again.

We have turned our home and car upside down and simply can't find her. She will be in our two school's news letters this week. We suspect Bunny is no longer in the immediate area of where we lost her as we have looked thoroughly in the area and have also put up posters. It may well have been picked up and put down again elsewhere.

Please contact me on 07725227996 or through here is you have good news or any tips on any community 'lost and found' places.

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