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w4dad Wed 28-Nov-18 14:12:24

Hello everyone,

My partner and mother of our 6 month old boy has recently moved to chiswick, where I have lived all my life. I work 9-5 thus leaving her alone with baby for most part of the day. I have intro'd her to friends of mine from w4 but imagine that could be a little awkward for her at times to constantly make contact and therefore she can still be left feeling a little isolated (the thought breaks my heart) she has been to some mother/baby clubs and have enjoyed some and others not so much. One thing she found was that a lot of them were focused on baby stimulation, sensory, singing etc which is not a bad thing but she ended up feeling that she lacked the adult stimulation be it social and/or creative. Any way... (excuse me waffling on) she has now started up her own parents/babies/toddlers clubs - I think she describes them as fun, social and creative workshops. The first one is about cool ways to customise your childrens clothes, actually doing it and she has some other fun and interesting ideas penned in. She will probably kill me if she reads this as I feel im not doing a great job of selling it!

her instagram is @merry_mums

and her email is

If you are a parent in chiswick or know of any it would be lovely if you checked her/it out. She is so lovely and im sure it will be a great day. Its in a lovely space in chiswick and then have a private coffee area for afters.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading. (im so bad at this)


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