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Abingdon Prep & St Helen’s & Kaths/ commute where to live?!

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apples51 Sat 24-Nov-18 15:52:03

Hi all, we are looking at moving from Sw London in the next year or so.
- Our DD will be 9 and our DS 7. Advice has been to try for St Helen & Kaths and Abingdon. Both academic and sporty kids.
We have to commute to Liverpool Street.
- any ideas on best villages pls ? Goring/Streatley/Pangbourne?
- does anyone have children at either school? Wondering if we ought to go
for preps directly or if have time together at St Andrew’s first?
Realise this is all very entrance exam dependent. Hoping perhaps not quite as crazy as central London though...
Many thanks, A.

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