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Cathedral Primary School - How do you get there?

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Whatapickle78 Wed 21-Nov-18 11:13:01

Hi everyone,

We are hoping to get our DC into the Cathedral Primary School, but having visited it, we are wondering about the logistics of school drop-offs and pickups as we do not live nearby. Walking would be 30-40min at child pace so too far, and I'm a bit scared of cycling as the roads are so crazy round there at rush hour.

If anyone sends their kids there, could you tell me your numerous ways of getting them in and out please? e.g. does anyone do car pools? Or are buses fairly reliable for you?


jennymac31 Fri 23-Nov-18 21:28:09

We tend to get the bus into school but if the weather is good then we would get off by temple meads Station and walk the rest of the journey.

jennymac31 Sat 22-Dec-18 13:46:30

Hey OP - have you had any more thoughts on cathedral primary school?

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