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Histon nurseries and schools help

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caffeineandcrisps Sat 17-Nov-18 13:49:24

Hi all - another Histon thread! We are moving there shortly from London and wanted to ask opinions on the best nursery for our 1 year old DD?

Also I see that the primary and secondary school in Histon and Impington are oversubscribed - apologies if this is a very stupid question but what do you do in that case if you live there?

Any recommendations on toddler groups and good pubs would be great too smile


Wingingit15 Sat 17-Nov-18 22:12:03

The Wendy house impington is excellent (ofsted outstanding). We’ve been extremely happy throughout.

Pub wise you have places like The Boot which is Raymond blanc associated, the King Bill which has weekly food vans, the Chinese restaurant by the green. A chippy/pizza place . Other pubs eg the rose and crown (good roasts).

ShalomJackie Sun 18-Nov-18 11:55:33

If you actually live in Histon you will more likely than not get a school place. People come from far and wide to get in making them oversubscribed so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

caffeineandcrisps Sun 18-Nov-18 14:35:09

Thanks both! I'm excited now smile

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