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Trooperslaneagain Thu 15-Nov-18 15:52:32

HQ - I hope this is ok, but I volunteer for a Community Interest Company and we're fixated on keeping the impact of textiles on the environment down to the minimum. (We're not making ANY money).

This is the facebook page

We have a new place at 47 Haggs Road, Glasgow G41 and we are having a mega sale tomorrow and Saturday from 10 - 5.

If you have primary school aged kids, you'd benefit from coming along because no doubt they've lost all their jumpers and "carnians" (though my P1 seems to have "acquired" a couple more confused from last week - when she had none)

The uniforms are lightly worn, superb quality and very cheap. And you can get 20% off if you sign up on Facebook.

If you want any more info, please PM me or post on the thread.

(HQ - I'll also post this on journalist request too - I think it's ok to post here because it can be of massive benefit to the community, but you can tell me otherwise if not)

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Trooperslaneagain Fri 16-Nov-18 15:26:55

Bumpety bumpety bump!

And I got the dates wrong! It's Friday and Saturday NEXT week - 23rd and 24th.

Please give us a shout

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