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Cooo-eeeee! Anyone around?

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SpongeBobControlPants Wed 20-Jun-07 12:12:40

Hi all - is this a brand new bit or something? There's no messages here at all (unless my computer and/or brain is deceiving me!)

Anyway, I live in top right hand corner of Brum (Castle Bromwich area), have DD aged 14 weeks, and 2 SKs living with DH and I.

Anyone else around?

kerrymcc Fri 14-Dec-07 14:37:31

Hey!! Im originally from Great Barr! Now live in Hall Green I have 1 dd aged 2

Pk616 Thu 20-Dec-07 14:56:10

Hiya, I live in down the road from City Hospital and I'm 33wks PG with my first

Panda123 Fri 21-Dec-07 09:21:41

I'm in Sutton - 1 d aged 8, 1 s aged 5 and baby s aged 5 months who has been poorly all week so we are all fed up and exhausted! I'm sitting in grubby dressing gown with a half cold cuppa in my hand and a drooing baby on my lap. Who said being a mum was glamourous!

Pk616 Fri 21-Dec-07 13:29:14

Well, that's four of us! where's the rest? there has to be more! And poor SpongeBob's been waiting six months for somecontact. Sorry SpongeBob, we are a bit slow on the up take!

kerrymcc Sun 30-Dec-07 12:35:45

Anymore? wink

sarahmikeandharry Mon 07-Jan-08 18:42:16

hi everyone i live in Redditch not far from Birmingham!!1

Have DS aged 3 on 22ndJan and DD due 3rd feb!!!!

Wuxiapian Thu 24-Jan-08 14:13:41

Hi, guys.

I'm in Oldbury. Ok, Smethwick, but Smethwick don't got the same ring to it, does it?

Anyway, single mum to DS, aged 9.

There has to be more Brummies out there, surely.

missnevermind Fri 25-Jan-08 15:40:42

Me ME Me grin

Hi. I live in central Birmingham with DH and 2 DS's 9 and 7.

I dont think there are many of us.

kerrymcc Fri 25-Jan-08 23:03:10

wow central! how lucky are you grin

missnevermind Sat 26-Jan-08 20:08:13

LOL not that central!

8 1/2 mins on a bus sort of central.
I suppose I could have said inner city but it just does not have the same ring to it grin

kerrymcc Sun 27-Jan-08 23:21:09

ahh well you might aswell live there lol!
Im about 30 mins away on th ebus, seems a lifetime with a buggy and money burning in my pocket lmao!

missnevermind Sun 27-Jan-08 23:40:36

Hall Green hmmm. Your bus proberly passes the top of my road then, 15/13/17 route?

frannikin Mon 28-Jan-08 23:03:33

I'm a nanny and live in Birmingham! Do I count?

missnevermind Wed 30-Jan-08 07:31:11

Hi Franni No you cant be a nanny and live in Birmingham grin
You must mean Solihull or Sutton Coldfield wink just dont let them hear you calling it Birmingham, even though we know it really is.

frannikin Wed 30-Jan-08 17:08:24


It's Selly Oak really but I don't like admitting that to people.

EachPeachPearMum Tue 05-Feb-08 10:35:14

Message withdrawn

bea Tue 26-Feb-08 19:37:35

in cotteridge (if being realistic...)
in Kings Norton (if going by post code)
in Bournville (if being posh!) grin

WinnieThePooh Wed 27-Feb-08 17:30:01

Hi all, I am in Sutton Coldfield. I have 2 daughters aged 5.5years and 4.5months

pollywobbledoodle Thu 28-Feb-08 00:34:46

hello there...i'm in halesowen..i'm 46 (how did that happen?) with a 4 year old dd

Belgianchocolates Tue 04-Mar-08 11:48:58

I'm living in Walsall and have 2 dc's. A DS(6) and a DD(4)

AlexanderPandasmum Wed 05-Mar-08 12:04:13

Hi I live in Acocks Green and have a ds aged 1 (last week)!

SpongebobControlpants Wed 12-Mar-08 21:22:58

Oh hello everyone! Just rediscovered this post of mine from last year! Still doesn't seem like a huge number of us from such a big city, though, does it?

AP'smum - I used to go to an NCT baby cafe in solihull and met someone who kind of matches your description (age and name of baby). Let's see if it's you - did you go back to work as a teacher after christmas, and does your name begin with A?

If so, you might remember me and my daughter Bella. Hope you are well.

pincushion Tue 18-Mar-08 11:46:32

Hi, I have 3yr old DD and live in Bournville/ Northfield... I love the name eatpeachpearmum - thats my favourite book, tres cute. Anyone recommend dance classe on a saturday morning? DD tried some posh ballet class in Harborne and it didnt go too well.......

1980babe Mon 24-Mar-08 17:35:51

another birmingham bunny here wink

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