Can i have your views on Merton Park Primary School and pre-schools in the area..

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StrangestThing Mon 12-Nov-18 11:36:05

Hi Merton Mums,

We are moving to Merton Park in the next couple of months and i urgently need your advice for my pre-schooler DD2. I am completely new to the area and moving fairly quickly due to my older DD1's school place coming through.

For DD2, we are thinking of Merton Park Primary school. Any opinions or reviews would be great.

We are also considering independent schools but we have missed the registration cut off at Wimbledon High. We are looking at 'The Study' & Putney High but not sure if the travel will be worth it for the 7 years that she will be there - when we have Merton Park Primary at a short distance.

I will also need a pre-school place for her for 9 months before she starts school, i am considering (based on my limited walks in the neighbourhood) Building Blocks or Wimbledon House. Could do with further suggestions as i fully expect to be wait-listed in a couple of places. Ideally i am looking for nurseries where she might make a couple of friends who are likely to go to Merton Park Primary school. Since we are new to the neighbourhood this will be very useful for her to settle into school in the future. I need a setting with minimum 3 full days (preferably 5), hence not looking at the school nurseries just yet.

Any other things about the area or activities or anything that could be useful to a newcomer is very much appreciated.

Thank you!

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