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Is there such thing as adopt a grandma ?

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whitequeen31 Fri 09-Nov-18 22:02:13

My parents live abroad and are not that keen on building a relationship with my son( 14 months)
I would love to meet an older person as a grandparent figure for my boy

sleepismysuperpower1 Sat 10-Nov-18 13:15:40

you could try contacting age uk, they may have some suggestions. or your local retirement home may be able to help smile

NoSquirrels Sat 10-Nov-18 13:19:58

Do any of your churches run a playgroup or all-ages coffee shop drop-in? Often run by retired people who live spending time with children.

TheFishInThePot Sat 10-Nov-18 13:24:58

I've been wondering this too. I'd love to give my son more family.
Watching with interest.

Loyaultemelie Sat 10-Nov-18 13:26:48

I'm sure I read something on here once before about this, as in how you went about adopting a grandparent not a duplicate thread, but I can't get advance search to work on the app hmm

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