Living in Sherwood - Safe or Not?

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Contactlens53 Thu 08-Nov-18 09:57:31

I am new here and still finding my way to post messages. Apologies for multiple messages here and there.

I am going to move to TW and found a new built semi detached near the Sherwood lake. Love the house but then read a lot of negative comments about Sherwood area. Now really worried that I am going to make a wrong decision. Can someone tell me if Sherwood is a really undesirable area? Would this regeneration housing project make a difference in the years to come? Please help. Thanks.

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Shitlandpony Thu 08-Nov-18 10:00:08

I wouldn’t live there no, it’s fairly ‘lively’ round there and not somewhere I would feel safe. Maybe the regeneration project will improve it in the future.

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