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happytoday73 Sun 13-Jan-19 21:32:30

what's your budget and house needs? on a tram route? Do you have children?....there are areas I would look at without children that wouldn't with as schools aren't good.

kaffkooks Sun 30-Dec-18 17:28:30

Hi, given you've written "moving down" are you coming from Scotland? We moved to south Manchester from Scotland a few months ago with our 2 children and it's been good so far. We are renting in Withington which we really like. Didsbury seemed a bit too upmarket for us. The other place we liked the look of was Northenden, which would be near Wythenshaw, but there weren't any decent houses to rent when we were looking. Feel free to message me if you want to talk more.

Hartborn Wed 07-Nov-18 11:03:11

Hey all,

Me and my husband are going to be moving down to manchester soonish, knowing nothing about the area we need advise on areas to avoid for housing. Hes gonna be working in wythenshawe so we were thinking of something south of manchester renting to start off with.

Any tips for areas to look for or to avoid would be amazing!

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